Art As Life Project The world is a hurting place, both online and offline. We at Schmooru believe in the power of art to sooth the pain, inspire, re-energize, refresh. We seek to implement art installations and reach millions of people where they least expect to see art and we need our community's help to get the job done.

Schmooru needs 00:15 to 02:00 long attention-getting displays of video art, animation, film, or animated gif for a new public experiment designed to attract new audiences to our creative community's work.


If we attract attention to Schmooru — and to your work — using these animations, films (or even animated gifs!), it will spill love and attention through our entire community. The stronger we are as a community, the higher the rates we get for advertising. That means that we can develop and produce more shows. This is also a way to find out what content both attracts attention and is actually enjoyable to make.


We currently promote our communities work through internet advertising. As a result, we've been showing full original episodes around the internet to the jaw-dropping tune of 30 million views a month. We're now hoping to complement this in a large-scale real-world experiment.

Short-form content from our community is now slated to be shown on 3,000+ physical screens at high density locations like airports, hotel lobbies, coffee shops and public spaces. Additionally, all videos shown on these screens will go online on a new gallery show page on

What We Are Offering You

We are offering promotion & distribution of your most creative 00:15 to 02:00 minute SUBMISSIONS, on a non-exclusive basis to millions of eyeballs everywhere. If we find some concepts that work to drive traffic, we will then implement phase two: Acquiring these videos — AS WELL AS NEW ONES — for cold hard cash.

What We Are Looking For Consider This Inspiration & Surprise Us!
Animated GIFs

A still image where one part or a few parts are moving. These are a great, simple way to attract attention to a particular part of a scene.

Check this site out for examples:


As above, designed for mass appeal and attention getting. Perhaps something with a self-contained story line, no sound, and a payoff at the end. Surprise us.

Check out this site for some inspiration:


The sky’s the limit so get creative, but remember that these are designed for mass appeal and there will not be reliable sound for these displays. What would hold your attention?

Check out this site for some inspiration:

Or check out current submissions:


0:15–0:30 seconds recommended.
2:00 minutes maximum.

Please submit work in the following formats: 640x480 or greater resolution
.mp4, .mov, or gif.




We’ll be implementing rolling deadlines — once per month. Send us what you have, when you have it. We’ll post what we get to, and send out a list of new entries (and a reminder) each month to the Schmooru list serve!

Some Things To Consider

What would make you stop and notice a screen in an airport?

Remember, these should feel more like the MoMA rather than the Super Bowl best ads line-up.

Did I have fun making this?

We really want our community to have fun with this. Take some risks! Try out that idea you always thought was too oddball.

Do I already have something like this on my shelf that has no other home?

Yes, it would be cool if we all went out and did this fresh, but that’s not strictly necessary. Look at your footage from past projects, or discarded animations. There might be a gem in there.

Are the rights cleared?

If you don’t we can still put them up — but if your submission becomes popular, that’s when the lawyers come. No one likes to have to pull things down.

Would I be cool with my little sister watching this?

Keep it above the belt, and keep it classy.