How Do I Sign Up?

Our application process is what gets us business, it makes cool people like you wanna be part of our club. Simply put, it’s what makes us special!

While not a hazing regime, everyone must go through it, and when complete you’ll all be able to look at each other on the other side and know that you've all shared the same experience.

In the sign up process, you’ll be asked for:

  1. Your contact information: phone, email, website, etc
  2. What you do (e.g. shooter, editor, producer, writer, web developer)
  3. Equipment List
  4. Links to your work
  5. Statements on why you want to join schmooru (see examples below).
  6. A self proclaimed rating on the level of your skill. Be honest here — it will effect your phone interview results, your client feedback and ultimately your standing in a community that runs on something called “honesty”. Our clients need people of all skill sets, so don’t be shy.

A member of our staff will respond to you and we pride ourselves on our 24–48 hour response time. In most cases, if the forms are complete, we will either ask you:

  1. For more information, or
  2. To set up a time for a brief phone call to talk to our curation staff.

If you pass the muster, you will be allowed IN, relieved in knowing all those amoungst you have been sanitized.

If you’re ready, sign up now!

Examples of Schmooru self-statements (they're what bind us)

I started schmooru because ever since I entered this business, I haven't felt secure about my employment. Ever since I caught the bug in the summer of 1997 and started work at my hometown CBS affiliate, I knew the profession as we knew it was dying. I took a mainstream approach to my career by design and at every step of the way I was confronted with practitioners who were adverse to new ideas and ways of thinking that are healthy for any business to survive, let along one which thrives off of it. This was never an internet problem — it was a generation of complacent media people who were promised greatness by the industry's pioneers without seeing for themselves all the sweat and tears it took to create the institutions in which they now were pushing to the brink.

These institutions were so strong it took over ten years to get to the point where for some the end is here, for others, they are open to a new way of thinking and we embrace them. At schmooru, we intend to meet the demand for creative people in the new media industry. As far as we're concerned, the problems that media production face today are not only solvable, within each we find tremendous opportunity. I created schmooru because I love and have studied the creative process my entire life — some people want to make jelly beans, I want to talk about what we're gonna make.

Now during these hard times when everything is questioned, we need to band together as a profession and make sure that when the light eventually comes at the end of this darkness there is a group of people stand up — who skipped the panels, had their vision and continued to do what they do best — Create. Its funny, because as Steve Guttenberg recently told me, if you can't see yourself doing anything else, this business is for you, but only in that case.

Dan Beckmann – Managing Director

I believe in the power and ability of independent networks to, in simple terms, get things done. It's been nearly half a decade since I went freelance and it's my goal to never go back to the old way of doing business.

That said, one of the most important lessons learned in my time as a "solo artist" is that there is strength in numbers. I see Schmooru as a guiding force of a new generation of intelligent, free-thinking, creative producers who are going to get things done, and I'm glad to be a part of the team.

John Reed – Director, Web Development

I became involved with Schmooru because I believe that as the entertainment and media world changes, one constant that is all too easily forgotten and overlooked is the necessity and importance of the creative class. Perhaps it seems obvious: without a creative class of individuals there would be no entertainment or media world. But all too often, as companies tweak their business models to get the bottom line out of the red and into the black, the people that actually create the content that these companies rely on are overlooked. In fact, the bottom line all too often comes at the expense of the creative artist.

Schmooru recognizes that without the artist, we (and this is not just Schmooru, but we as a whole) have nothing. I jumped at the chance to be involved with Schmooru because of the value it places on the creative and collaborative process: it is a place for creatives to network, collaborate and garner the strength of many to make sure creative content finds the best outlet.

Jared Tankel – Lead Counsel

I love news. I love journalism. I love storytelling. I love how doing a good job on a story means you can either answer or raise interesting questions, or hopefully do both at the same time, and I love how that makes a difference in the world - in the lives of those whose story you've told, or in the lives of those who learn something new from your work.

I'm sad to see the media industry struggle. And I hope that at Schmooru, I can help the industry find a new, stable footing, so that it will emerge stronger and better than before.

I'm excited for what comes next. And I'm excited to help "next" come for others too, in an organized, smooth, efficient and pleasant manner!

Tori Taylor – Lead, Client Relationships